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Shine Magazine Articles 4th November 2017 The Shape of Things To Come Amal Alamuddin-Clooney wears an emerald cut, Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard sports a round brilliant, and Kanye West presented wife Kim Kardashian with a cushion cut when he proposed. It’s when you start looking at the different shapes that diamond selection gets really exciting. But where to start? Ultimately it’s about personal taste, however there are some factors worth keeping in mind...
Shine Magazine Articles 12th May 2017 May: The Month of Emeralds Learn about the history of the use of emeralds and our present day obsession with the glamorous gemstone
Shine Magazine Articles 12th April 2017 Million Dollar Clearance Our April 2017 Million Dollar Clearance is on now! Read this article for more information.
Stephen's Jewellers News 12th April 2017 4-Day Renovation Sale 4 Day Renovation Sale only at Market Place, Shepparton
Shine Magazine Articles 28th February 2017 Time to Shine It’s the little things that make a wedding really special – and incredible jewellery is one of them. Here’s how to sparkle on your big day.
Shine Magazine Articles 9th February 2017 Just For Men ‘Yes’ to simple and classic. ‘No’ to blinging medallions dangling from chunky chains. It’s high time for a simpli ed guide to the good-looking world of men’s jewellery.
Shine Magazine Articles 13th October 2016 Jeans for Genes Day We would just like to take a second and thank you for helping us raise money on Jeans for Genes Day.
Shine Magazine Articles 26th September 2016 Full Circle You found The One, and you’re marrying them. So now it’s time to find the perfect wedding ring. Here’s our handy guide to getting it right.
Shine Magazine Articles 19th September 2016 The Rise of Rose Gold This valuable and beautifully toned precious metal is experiencing a revival. But what exactly is rose gold and why is it so popular?