Time to Shine

It’s the little things that make a wedding really special – and incredible jewellery is one of them. Here’s how to sparkle on your big day.

Weddings. They can make even the hardiest cynic tear up upon sight of the excited bride making her way down the aisle. Not to mention the man waiting for her at the end. (Most women will agree, there is nothing like a weepy groom to make the heart melt.) 

Then there’s the gathering all in one room of loved ones, for a single cause: the celebration of two people in love, promising their lives to each other. Not to mention fantastic food, a whole host of lovely new memories, and – one of the best things of all – the chance to dress up in beautiful clothes. 

And where would stunning out ts be without gorgeous jewellery? Whether it’s the bridal party, the mothers of the bride and groom, or the groom and groomsmen themselves, artfully chosen pieces can make or break a look. 

Which is why we’ve compiled your definitive guide to wedding jewellery – ideas, inspiration and handy tips to ensure the day’s finishing touches are just right. 

Bride & Mothers of the Bride & Groom 

Jewellery is a chance to dazzle guests and feel con dent on an incredibly special day. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the choice, just follow some simple rules of thumb: 
  • Opt for timeless classics like diamonds and pearls, which give a hint of heritage and heirloom. There’s nothing worse than cringing at photos years later, questioning your look. You want to be glamorous, not edgy or faddy. 
  • Buy your dress first, then your jewellery. Make sure your jewellery doesn’t overwhelm your out t, or the reverse: that it can hardly be seen. Less is more, though. Think about it as a balancing act – the more ornate your dress, the simpler your jewellery. 
  • Pick quality pieces you can see yourself wearing again. It makes the investment that little bit more worth- while, plus you’ll forever have the memories attached. 
  • Factor in the colour of the dresses: if they’re dark (as per the current bridesmaid trend) then lighten up the look with some colourful silver pieces. 
  • Make sure what you choose matches your bridesmaids’ personalities. A gift for their efforts is always a nice touch, and jewellery makes for a lovely, sentimental token of thanks. 
  • The cut of the dress is an important deciding factor, especially the neckline. If it’s high, opt for beautiful earrings instead of a necklace. 
  • The style of the jewellery should compliment any themes or looks going on in the bridal party and the wedding as a whole. 


It’s the bridesmaids’ job to be there for the bride, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shine too, and jewellery is the perfect accompaniment for those carefully selected dresses. 
  • Cufflinks are imperative: there are gazillions to choose from and they’re a great way to add some personality to your ensemble. They also make an excellent thank you gift for groomsmen. 
  • Consider a plain silk pocket square for some dashing vintage appeal and visual interest. 

Groom & Groomsmen

Fantastic suit? Check. Great hair? Check. What about accessories? Yes, that’s right - even grooms and groomsmen can do with some finishing touches to elevate their look. 
  • A necklace, when simple and uncrowded by other jewellery, can add some refreshing bling to a well-cut wool suit. Just make sure it’s tucked into his shirt. 
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